FamilyPreneur® is the podcast for family-first entrepreneurs building profitable and progressive businesses. By simplifying & streamlining business strategies, FamilyPreneurs are spending previously unimagined amounts of time making memories with their families - and less time stressed over business.FamilyPreneur® is hosted by Meg Brunson, a former Facebook employee who left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship and be more present with her family. She now runs her business from the road, traveling full-time with her family, RV'ing throughout the United States, and making unbelievable memories together.You may have no desire to squeeze your family into a 35' trailer and tow it coast-to-coast... and that's okay - these lessons and strategies are will help you build the business and the lifestyle that you dream of - whatever that looks like.The big thing you have to remember is to take action after the episode ends - and the best way to follow through is by joining us inside of the FamilyPreneur® Business Accelerator - where we work, win, celebrate, and grow... together.Head to » familyprener.co « to join us today!Meg & guests of FamilyPreneur® are actively working towards becoming more intentionally inclusive. We support anti-racist initiatives & equality for all gender identities, expressions, & orientations.We believe that business should be a force for dismantling systems of oppression and actively invest in our own learning to fulfill this role.We hope you'll give us a listen, subscribe, and review this podcast - to help others decide to listen in... Because we're stronger together. 💕 Show more